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Lighting Controls

Jlc-Tech T-Bar LED Smartlight
The T-BAR LED Smartlightâ„¢ is a lighting system integrated into T-Bars for suspended ceilings, using the most powerful LED available on the market. This is possible due to the Patented high performance heat dissipating system, designed in the shape of a standard T-BAR to allow our product to be fully integrated or retrofit into any type of suspended ceiling. (JLC-Tech 2015)
Tension LED Indoor
The indoor Tension LED System is a patented and UL certified LED lighting system that provides uniform surface lighting that can cover any size or shape no matter the obstacles in place. Narrow lightweight LED strips placed in a curtain format extend from a positive to a negative 1/16-inch stainless steel cable that not only connects to conductive tensioners but also runs the electrical current. Thanks to these tensioners, the system can perfectly tensioned to fit any surfaces with no sagging, hotspots or additional wires. (TLS International - 2016)

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